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Well I guess like every year after the Grammys, everybody’s back on the studio grind to see if they can impress upon more fans next year.  All in All I thought the show was great.

It was well delivered! but now that were back home recording, giging and rehearsing there is still much to consider now.   For us artist the awards reminds us of feelings of competition and the like.

However those of us who know the truth; You’re only real competitor is yourself.  Music and performance is always a challenge to better yourself not to out-shine someone else. That’s Ego!!

My fellow artist who truly strive to be better, do just that! Take the time to wood shed and get even better. Not for competition sake but for the Joy of it! For the JOY OF IT!!



Here they are again! The night we all look forward to.  Well at least those of us in the music business full time.  Unfortunately I will not be in attendance tonight.   But I will be rooting to those in the smooth jazz catagory.

According to the Best Pop Instrumental Album category will pit Boney James and his Pure against Saxophonic by Dave Koz and Forever, For Always, For Luther, a tribute album to Luther Vandross produced by Bud Harner and Rex Rideout.

George Benson was nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Performance for his Vandross instrumental cover of “Take You Out,” which is on his Irreplaceable album and also on the Harner/Rideout tribute album. Also in that category, producer Jason Miles and his band Maximum Grooves got a nod for the song “Chasing Shadows,” with features Russ Freeman, Herb Alpert and others. It’s Miles’ second Grammy nomination.

Veteran band Fourplay earned a nomination for Best Contemporary Jazz Album for Journey. For Best Jazz Vocal Album, Al Jarreau is nominated for Accentuate the Positive and is joined by Jamie Cullum’s Twentysomething and Queen Latifah’s The Dana Owens Album. Seal got a nod for Best Male Pop Performance for the smooth jazz single “Love’s Devine.”

Meanwhile, vocalist Diana Krall did not receive a Grammy nomination this year, but she is included on the soundtrack to the movie De-Lovely, which earned a nomination for Best Soundtrack Album. Krall’s producer, Tommy LiPuma, however, earned a nomination for Producer Of The Year for The Girl In The Other Room and also for Jarreau’s Accentuate The Positive. In addition, veteran sound engineer Al Schmitt picked up a nomination for Krall’s album, one of five he earned.

Dave Koz Nominated Again
Dave Koz has never won a Grammy Award. But he has received four nominations in the last four years. In 2001, Koz and his friends picked up a nod in the Best Pop Instrumental Album category for A Smooth Jazz Christmas.

Boney James Enjoying A Nomination
Boney James heard about his Grammy nomination from his Southern California home and soon was accepting congratulatory phone calls from friends and family members. His ninth album, Pure, was nominated for Best Pop Instrumental Album. The album, the first which James has produced exclusively, entered the Billboard 200 charts at No. 66 over the summer, selling 17,000 copies in its first week and becoming the best debut in his career.

Anita Baker Nominated Once Again
Eight-time Grammy winner Anita Baker has a chance to add two more Grammys to her collection as she was nominated for Best R&B Album for My Everything and Best Traditional R&B Performance for her Smooth Jazz single “You’re My Everything.” In the Vocal Performance category, Anita will be competing against Patti LaBelle and her smooth jazz single “New Day” from her Timeless Journey album. For Best Album, Baker will go against Alicia Keys, Prince, Jill Scott and Al Green.

47th Grammy Awards Nominations (Selected – complete list at

Best Pop Instrumental Album: Pure, Boney James; Saxophonic, Dave Koz; Forever, For Always, For Luther, Bud Harner and Rex Rideout, producers

Best Pop Instrumental Performance: “Take You Out,” George Benson; “Chasing Shadows,” Maximum Grooves (with Jason Miles, Herb Alpert, Russ Freeman, James Genus, Gene Lake)

Best Contemporary Jazz Album: Journey, Fourplay

Best Jazz Vocal Album: Accentuate The Positive, Al Jarreau; Twentysomething, Jamie Cullum; The Dana Owens Album, Queen Latifah

Best R&B Album: My Everything, Anita Baker

Best Traditional R&B Vocal Performance: “You’re My Everything,” Anita Baker; “New Day,” Patti LaBelle

Best Female Pop Performance: Norah Jones, “Sunrise”

Record Of The Year: Ray Charles and Norah Jones, “Here We Go Again”

Best Pop Collaboration With Vocals: Ray Charles and Norah Jones, “Here We Go Again”

Best Pop Vocal Album: Feels Like Home, Norah Jones; Genius Loves Company, Ray Charles and various artists

Best Country Collaboration With Vocals: “Creepin’ In,” Norah Jones and Dolly Parton

Album Of The Year: Ray Charles, Genius Loves Company

Song Of The Year and Best Female Vocal R&B Performance: Alicia Keys, “If I Ain’t Got You”

Best Male Pop Performance: Seal, “Love’s Devine”

Best Traditional Pop Vocal Album: Stardust … The Great American Songbook, Vol. III, Rod Stewart (featuring Dave Koz)

Best Male R&B Vocal Performance: “What We Do Here,” Brian McKnight

Best Jazz Instrumental Solo: “Speak Like A Child,” Herbie Hancock (from the solo album All My Heart by Harvey Mason of Fourplay)

Best Song Written For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media: “You Will Be My Ain True Love” from Cold Mountain, written by Sting, sung by Alison Krauss

Best Compilation Soundtrack Album For A Motion Picture, Television Or Other Visual Media: De-Lovely, with vocals by Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, Diana Krall, Natalie Cole, others

Producer Of The Year: Tommy LiPuma, Accentuate The Positive by Al Jarreau; The Girl In The Other Room by Diana Krall.

Enjoy the Show Tonight!!!


My God! I just got a call from my ex- business partner and Man let me tell you he and I have been goin around with the switching of hands as it relates to dissolving our mutual company.

It seems ASCAP won’t grant him Administrative rights over our original publishing company xyz Music.  In the mean time I have been operating as Playatime Music through ASCAP.

but now after over 10 yrs of our original desolution of business ASCAP still is not honoring his ownership and/or Administrative right to the catalog. ( the songs)

But check this – If  I sign anything saying He has total admin of XYZ Music, he will own ALL rights to evey song including my share.  ain’t that nothin’?

So here we are back and forth again with this – so I have to re-enstate a letter claiming the original splits we agreed to back in 97 when we split up.  Amazing! And heres the real kicker! This whole ordeals feels just like when I divorced my wife.   Feels exactly the same!! lol.

Word to the wise!  “OWN Yo OWN SHIT!!” being nice to people sometimes don’t “pay”. $$$$$


While at the music store last week someone asked me about strings.  Their question was simply “What strings do I find the most comfortable?” I use D’Addairo extra Light EXP10.

They start with a light enough gauge yet they still offer enough heaviness to reserve body in the mid-range of tone.  Some strings sound great near the neck but lose their plush richness as you move down the neck.

The D’Addairo’s are my personal choice without sounding too “commerial- ly” lol  I like the strings.  If you like light guage get ’em!!

On my nylon acoustic I use D’Addario’s EXP46 or LaBella medium tension which are silver plated wound.  Great sound. It makes my  Yamaha sound Sooooo Spanish. I love it. When I need that authentic Spanish sound I can get it out of these strings.

So there you have it! Those are the strings  I use.  Since alot of you love the song Delashone I’m playing the Ovation with the EXP46 Strings.  My bass guitars all use round wound strings medium guage.

So thats the gambit of what I’m working with as far as strings are concerned.   write me and email or post what strings you’re pullin’.



Hey Yall Sorry I have been MIA the past few days but  I was a little under the weather.  I’m feeling alot better- thanks for asking! lol Anyway I happen to be online looking for new guitars.

I sometimes look for great guitars that are inexpensive.  While on I found a great guitar on this page.

– a blue Ibanez acoustic-electric –

If you’re looking for a nice guitar for a reasonable price go to

In addition there are alot of other things you can find there as well.  Does anyone of a good effects unit that may be a little different than the one I’m using now.  I’m always keeping my eyes pealed for new and interesting gear.

Take care guys! Til next time!


Man check out these bass Axes here!

scroll down and check the back of the guitar out.. Beautiful en-lays. and I bet the sound is awesome!  I have a baby Taylor now, that I use for warming up my fingers.  If you knwo of anyone who wants to give me one I won’t be madd…LOL   Itried to put the link here but it didn’t work so here the link :



Man I just went to Guitar Centers page and saw some amazing vintage guitars.  Dogg! go here; and you will see some of the most incredible guitars.

If you’re like me I can stay at guitar center ALL DAY LONG playing and testing guitars.  If you live out here in LA like me then go to the Torrance store the Hollywood store or the one out in Orange County.  Oh but don’t forget WestLa Music too. another Hotspot in LA.

If you know of some other places in LA let me know. I heard Sam Ash was a great spot too but I have never been there.


Does anyone know the best way to get more live gigs with your own band (not as a cover band).  I’m in the process of putting together a new band on my label but I want to find ways of getting them booked.

The smooth jazz genre’ seems to be slightly different in that the audience is looking forward to grooving and relaxing for the most part.  Some time ago,   I was at Spagatini’s restaurant in seal beach and had a great time listening to the four piece band there.After hearing them and how great the acoustics were in the small room.

I knew it was one of the places I wanted to come and perform once the band really got tight.  I still have a few more addtions to the band that need to be added but when that time comes its really gonna be nice.

That’s when I want you guys to come out and enjoy some good music and some good food.


Someone asked me if I played gospel music. Yes I do! At this present time I am not playing for a church but I love playing guitar [or bass for that matter] for the church.

I must be honest though,  there are alot of churches that expect you to play for free.  However there are also many churches that offer salaries that are acceptable.  but Yes!!! I do love playing my guitar or bass at church.

Do any of you play at church?  What kind of experiencess have you had playing your instrument or singing at church?

Back in the mid 80’s I use to play for a few gospel groups in San Diego California.   that was really a blast.   My favorite Gospel artists are Fred Hammond, The Hawkins, Donald Lawrence and Byron Cage.

But I also love the classics like Andre’ Crouch,  Mighty Clouds Of Joy.  I sure do Miss Krystle Murden [ Don’t let go] she has a new CD out now just found her like ten seconds ago while writing this post. Wow!! I hope and Pray all is well with you Krystle!!

Then there’s  James Felix [“We expect you” w/ Andre Crouch] both around 1981.

I really loved that music… we need more of it!!!  🙂

Til next time!!


I wanna thank you all for sending me emails enjoying my music on reverbnation.  For those who have not gone there yet – please go and let me know which songs touch you the most.

I am writing new songs for the CD Indigo but I want this CD to be like a peoples choice CD.  let me know which songs and why they touch you the most.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what ideas I can get from this poll.   I really like getting feedback from my supporters.